Members and assignments


Dr. Robert Horat
Managing Director, Chairman


Patrick Eichenberger
Deputy Director


Mahmud-Reza Razavi
Vice Director

The management is composed of the managing director and one ore two other members of the management and is headed by the managing director. It has the following tasks:

  1. preparing and recording the meetings of the Board of Directors, the Presidential Committee and the Cover Pool Committee, including submitting proposals to the above-mentioned executive committees, implementing their resolutions and providing information on the course of business.
  2. the issue of Pfandbriefe including the determination of their terms, the conclusion of the necessary contracts and the bond service. This also includes defining the maximum permissible amounts.
  3. granting loans, including setting their terms and concluding the necessary contracts and the interest service. This also includes defining the maximum permissible amounts.
  4. to check compliance with the loan cover in accordance with the rules of estimation.
  5. making investments in accordance with the investment regulations, including liquidity management via short-term fundraising or investment.
  6. accounting management.
  7. organization of general meetings. 
  8. to represent the Pfandbriefbank externally, unless represented by the Board of Directors or its Chairman.
  9. Providing all other obligations necessary for day-to-day operations, insofar as they are not assigned to other committees by law, the Pfandbrief Ordinance, the Articles of Association, organisational regulations or resolution of the Board of Directors.