Pfandbrief Index

SIX Swiss Exchange AG calculates the following indices for the bonds of Pfandbriefbank and Pfandbriefzentrale (for accurate calculation please refer to Rules Governing the SBI Index Family):

Index Description
Price The price index reflects the performance of the prices without taking into account any payments.
Total return The total return index reflects the performance of the market value including coupon payments and the daily calculated accrued interests.
Yield The yield index reflects the yield to maturity.
Duration The duration of a bond is a measure of the average maturity period of the invested capital expressed in years.

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  Price Total-Return Yield Duration
1-3 years        
3-5 years        
5-7 years        
7-10 years        
10+ years        
1-5 years        
5-10 years        
10-15 years        
1-10 years        
1-15 years        
15+ years