Liquidity and Repo-eligibility

Importance in repo transactions

Sufficient liquidity plays a major role for an investement decision. It is accomplished, amongst other things, via increases of Pfandbriefe. Pfandbriefbank has taken a ground-breaking role in this aspect and issued the first so-called benchmark-bond above one billion Swiss Francs in 1998. The increase of liquidity is also associated with the establishment of a repurchase market in the Swiss capital market as of beginning of 1997. Swiss Pfandbriefe® were admitted into the SNB-Basket of the Swiss National Bank, which concentrates on liquidity of the market. Corresponding to their great portion of the Swiss bond market Swiss Pfandbriefe® play an important role in the repurchase market. In comparison to the other investment types, the portion of Swiss Pfandbriefe® has continually extended. Assuming this trend continues and considering the Pfandbrief Index the liquidity of Swiss Pfandbriefe® is bound to increase further in the medium term.